Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"The Yellow Bike" is coming!

I learned today that my story "The Yellow Bike" will be appearing in the March 2011 issue of the Toasted Cheese Literary Journal. Shakespeare warns it is mad to trust a boy’s love, but when you’re the boy and the boy you love has run away, you risk that love to prove Shakespeare wrong. "The Yellow Bike" is the story of that risk, and what the boy finds at that journey's end. It is a tale that resonates deeply with me. Keep an eye out; I'll post another note when the story goes up next month. Meanwhile, you can check out another story I wrote at Toasted Cheese called "Wolf Dreams." Enjoy!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

"My Tiger"

"My Tiger" just went up at the Midwest Literary Magazine website, in their December, 2010 issue. It's the story of thirteen-year-old Anton Daniels, who knows his new friend Lucas Kade only through the Internet. But Lucas pledges to protect Anton from bullies who suspect Anton is gay, and when Anton is threatened, an act of violent revenge reveals Lucas's terrifying true identity.

"My Tiger" is at the link here -- you can use the page finder at the upper right (over the page) to get to the story quickly (it's on page 109). Enjoy the tale! And a million thanks to my good friend Danny, who gave me the idea for the story.

"My Tiger" at Midwest Literary Magazine

UPDATE: "My Tiger" also appears in the print anthology Winter Canons, available from Midwest Literary Magazine.


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