Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's "Feeding" Time!

Whoa, just in time for Halloween! A new story of mine is available in the latest issue of Title Goes Here magazine! It's a nice and creepy story that just might give you shivers! "Feeding" is the cover story as well; this is the first time I've had a cover in a periodical based on one of my stories.

"Feeding" is the tale of young Tajo Borrego, who will do anything for his metamorphosing friend Daray Gilliard. Tajo even brings Daray delicious things to eat, like the neighbor’s cat. But Tajo draws the line at serving people to Daray for his supper. But Daray is still very hungry. And getting hungrier...

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you're hungry... :O

P.S. Hurry if you want a copy because the parent publisher of Title Goes Here is closing at the end of the year. This is a good and creepy story that I'm sure you'll enjoy!

Title Goes Here Issue 13 Print Edition

Title Goes Here Issue 13 E-book Edition


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