Monday, March 19, 2012

"Feeding" time is coming...

My creepy and slithery short story "Feeding" has been accepted by Title Goes Here magazine, a quarterly magazine of dark and imaginative fiction. "Feeding" should appear in the magazine's print edition of October, 2012. The issue will also be available in a PDF version. "Feeding" is the tale of young Tajo Borrego, who will do anything for his metamorphosing friend Daray Gilliard. Tajo even brings Daray delicious things to eat, like the neighbor’s cat. But Tajo draws the line at serving people to Daray for his supper. But Daray is still very hungry. And getting hungrier...

I'll post an update when the story appears. It will appear just in time for Halloween!

Title Goes Here


Robbi Made a Video

Robbi Skinner made this video, and it's both quite fascinating and very moving. That first song on it made me cry. Robbi told me a portacath is a device that allows medicines to be injected into his bloodstream through his heart; since he needs so many, his veins couldn't handle the numerous injections otherwise. Thanks for sharing this with us, Robbi.

How to insert a Portacath Gripper Needle by Yourself

Robbi's YouTube Channel