The Gryphon & Tiger Story Co.

Welcome to The Gryphon & Tiger Story Co., an authorial establishment dedicated to the promulgation of dreams. Gryphon and Tiger are partners in this fantastic world. They are fond of characters that don’t fit in, because Gryphon and Tiger haven’t always fit in, and they love people who know who they really are. Waiting to hear their tales are good little boys and girls, some of whom are lost. The boys are all dreamy and sometimes want to be girls; the girls know they have the best deal going, because girls can do anything they want. The stories can be filled with joy and adventure, but sometimes the tales turn dark, and take the listeners into places where tears are shed and all of us know fear. But when the tale is done and the demons have vanished, Gryphon and Tiger are there to dry the tears and offer hopes of different, new dreams that will someday come to them in tales and in life.

My name is Cody L. Stanford. I watch the goings-on here at The Gryphon & Tiger Story Co., and prepare the tales for presentation to those who cannot make the journey to our establishment. I have known several gryphons in my time, all of whom live in my head. I have also known quite a few tigers, and some of them were very, very real. Gryphon and Tiger are very close, and lived many adventures of their own before dedicating their lives to the manufacture of dreams. They prefer to remain anonymous, and insist that I place my name on all of their stories. But don’t you find that the best dreams and scariest tales come to you shrouded in mystery?

If you are very well-behaved while in our establishment, and listen attentively, and don’t knock over Gryphon’s inkwell (which makes him very mad), then I can get Gryphon and Tiger to tell us some of their true stories, a few of which are already posted here.

So let’s go! Choose Tiger to run with, or Gryphon to fly with, and go off to find a dream.

A few rules before we proceed.

Respect Gryphon, for he is large and dangerous, and he sometimes forgets that the adventures he inks onto paper are only dreams. Plus Gryphon gets growly when Tiger corrects his grammar.

Respect Tiger, for he tames Gryphon’s wildness with dreams of his own. In addition Tiger has to interpret Gryphon’s scratchy handwriting, no mean feat, and a dangerous task at that because it makes Gryphon grumpy.

Respect the Shadows around the establishment, for some visitors to The Gryphon & Tiger Story Co. tell us they have seen Pan hidden in our darker corners. Pan may or may not be friendly when you meet him. Remain vigilant, for we wish to lose no customers.

Respect Boy listening to the Gryphon’s tale, for his head is filled with dreams and adventures, and sometimes Boy is the hero and sometimes he has to be saved. Often Boy remembers that he doesn’t always have to be a boy, and this fills him with joy.

Respect Girl who is attentive to the Tiger’s words, for she sometimes drops her flowers and pulls out a sword, and strikes fear in the hearts of villains. Girl never forgets that she can do anything she wants, and this fills her with happiness.

Above all, respect the Story, for its words are all Gryphon wings and Tiger tails, taking you to places that thrive only in your head; which are really the best places to visit, as we all know.

Let's go! Click here to find a list of Gryphon and Tiger adventures!

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