Sunday, May 8, 2011

Orphan Stone

My novel Orphan Stone is now available in an Amazon Kindle edition! It's a novel I first wrote a few years ago and had no success placing through traditional channels, so I decided to try the self-publishing route and see what happens. Here's the description of Orphan Stone:

Erzsébet Warren doesn't let anything get in her way. It's been just a few months since Erzsébet was made an orphan when her father murdered the rest of her family. Now she wants to do something fun, like mining diamonds in the dangerous rings of Saturn. But Erzsébet doesn't anticipate that the place is crawling with hated chimera-boys, humans who genetically alter their bodies to become part animal. Nor does she count on a ship full of vicious pirates, who not only want to steal the miners' diamonds but also have a personal grudge against Erzsi. And least of all, she never thought she'd fall in love with a chimera-boy. Erzsébet's adventures rack up no end of trouble for both the daring diamond miners and the dissipate and deadly pirates. But when pirates try to take over the huge mining station, it's Erzsébet's cunning improvisations that help the outgunned miners fight back.

Orphan Stone is a rip-roaring adventure tale with lots of drama and humor. I hope you enjoy it!

Orphan Stone is now available in a print-on-demand paperback edition (just follow the link to Amazon) and in other e-reader formats. Also, some independent bookstores have the print-on-demand paperback edition available, too. Check with your favorite book retailer!

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