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“No hope, no fear.”

The wise-ass young apprentice Cecco Boneri shares the brazen truth about his life as pupil to the greatest painter in 17th century Rome, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The brilliant, ill-tempered artist sleeps with both sexes, defies his patrons, assaults his enemies, and practically lives in prison. When not assisting the artist, wily Cecco makes money selling his body to wealthy Romans and corrupt priests. Caravaggio sets Rome ablaze with his defiant paintings, posing Cecco as a cocky Cupid and daring the Vatican’s wrath. Meanwhile, Caravaggio’s enemies plot revenge against him.

Street kid Cecco is too smart to let Caravaggio fall in love with him. But as years pass, the painter’s life spirals brutally out of control into jealousy and murder, and Cecco discovers the searing truth about why he’s bound to Caravaggio’s unsettled, violent spirit. When their edifice finally crumbles, will there be anyone left to pick up the pieces?

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The Woman Who Married Don Juan

Some people simply refuse to stay dead.

A year after her husband’s fiery death, Don Juan’s widow Doña Elvira Tenorio returns to Seville bearing a young servant about to lose his heart to a budding lothario. Meanwhile, Elvira’s friend Doña Anna de Ulloa refuses to marry the boorish Don Octavio, while young newlywed Zerlina cheerfully frolics with every man in town—except her spouse.

There’s only one problem: Don Juan escapes from Hell and storms the Andalusian countryside seducing girls, pursued by the stony ghost of the blowhard Commendatore that he killed. Before it’s all over, fortunes are told and bandits ride, lusts are quenched and love is shattered, wedding plans are waylaid and a full-blown riot takes everyone to the flaming gates of Hell. Amidst this passionate pandemonium, Doña Elvira must choose to follow the not-so-dead husband she still loves—or finally kick Don Juan aside and get on with her life.

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