Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Gryphon's Boy is getting ready!

Look at these lovely sketches that the wonderful April Danaher has made for the cover of my upcoming novel, The Gryphon's Boy. I particularly like the one in the lower right corner, but each one of these images is just delightful! :D

The Gryphon's Boy is a sequel to The Glasschanger's Child, and focuses on the bird-boy Dzywllym and his boyfriend, the magnificent gryphon Quinn. It's tender, tragic, emotional, and beautiful, with lots of story twists and intense scenes of love and violence. Many familiar characters from the first novel return, including the Fledglings and their tremendous, three-hulled flying ship, the Orpheus. I'm still polishing up the manuscript, but I'll be publishing The Gryphon's Boy sometime this summer.

The Glasschanger's Child

April Danaher's Photobucket Page


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