Monday, June 14, 2010

The Twinkle Takeover!

This is such a fantastic article! The times, they are a-changin':

Is it finally okay to be a 13-year-old sissy? From the feather-cuffed, drama-filled Olympic figure-skating competitions to the unashamedly oddball high-school TV show Glee, being young and gay suddenly has a place in pop culture that isn’t cruel or tragic...Call them Twinkles: preteen boys who may not know they are gay yet, or may not want to say they are gay yet, but who have a gleam in their eye and a definite sensibility. Twinkles proudly prance, unashamedly emote, high-kick, jazz-hand, belt out “Paparazzi” with piano — everything a gay kid used to do in his bedroom with the door shut.

Ah, yes; I recall having the bedroom door shut at age eleven while I pranced around singing along with my Elton John records. Things aren't perfect yet for gay kids, but damn, it's great to see the good guys winning this. The bigots are on the run. Changing attitudes takes time, and I can't believe we aren't there yet, but we will get there. I know we will. Harvey Milk promised us we would.

The Twinkle Takeover: Gay (and Gay-Seeming) Boys on the TV and at the Mall (New York Magazine)


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