Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrath of the Gryphonwind Update

Today I finished the second draft of my latest novel, Wrath of the Gryphonwind. I like to write the first two drafts of my stories and novels in longhand and then type them into the computer. This novel has all kinds of adventure and drama, with warrior gryphons and a missing faun and a kid who just wants to find love, all wrapped up in the steampunk background of the glittering city of Port Cedryssene. If you have read my stories "Gryphonwind," "White Fire," "The Hot Bolt Kids," or "Freedom," you have already met some of the characters in the novel. I've created several new characters as well, including the aforementioned lovelorn kid who thinks he wants to be a soldier when what he really wants to be is an inventor. It will be a pretty fun ride, I hope. Anyway, now to let the novel rest for a short while and then on to the third draft! A writer's work is never done!


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