Monday, December 5, 2011

"Chang’d Innocence" is coming

My story "Chang'd Innocence" will be published this month at Aphelion Webzine. "Chang'd Innocence" is a mysterious/sinister/beautiful/harrowing tale of innocence violated and the nightmare innocence can bring upon wrongdoers. The journey of a mysterious, violated girl and her protectors through the dark night/nightmare/fright there streets of New York City carries you past shapeshifters and vampires and werewolves, and policemen who are not entirely living anymore.

Shapeshifter Zefiryn Piotrowicz was raped at age twelve by a stranger who destroyed her family to acquire the strength of Zefiryn’s magic. Two years later a disgraced Shakespeare professor and a kidnapped lawyer help runaway Zefiryn sort through New York’s monsters of the night to find her attacker, and take revenge.

I'll post an update here when "Chang'd Innocence" is published at Aphelion. Until then, be careful of the innocence you do wrong to -- it springs up/wings up/fights up/flights up in many unexpected places.


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