Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Tiger Stone" is roaring!

My story "Tiger Stone" is now available from Gypsy Shadow Publishing! "Tiger Stone" is a noir detective fantasy in which private eye Kimball Glock hunts for a stolen diamond through the jazz-magic streets of postwar New York City. Kimball uncovers the stone in the teeth of a shapeshifting tiger-boy who hides from a witch bent on the child’s enslavement. Tough guy Kimball is shattered by his selfish betrayal of the boy before being swept by magic both dark and light into a final battle for the weretiger’s soul.

"Tiger Stone" was fun to write! The cover art is once again by the amazing April Danaher. I hope you enjoy reading this scary-creepy, tough guy tale!

"Tiger Stone" at Gypsy Shadow Publishers


Mohan says he would love to read it!

Don't forget, you can also read my story "Flight" at Gypsy Shadow Publishers!

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