Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Gryphon's Boy is almost ready!

He's almost ready! I'm putting the last touches on the text of The Gryphon's Boy and fiddling a bit with the formatting. The Gryphon's Boy is a sequel to The Glasschanger's Child. I already have ideas for another novel in this series. The books each stand alone, so you can start with whichever one you prefer. Adventure awaits!

The winged Vylloizõ boy Dzywllym is tired of adventures and simply wants to love his gryphon boyfriend, Quinn. When Quinn is called back to the gryphon homeland Okrakktyr and imprisoned there, Dzywllym sets out from Klyrrok with the cheerful and valiant mytho-magic Fledglings to rescue him. But wizard Flyntn Castefurvus, who murdered Dzywllym’s parents, takes over Okrakktyr in his pursuit of Klyrrok’s throne. Chaos erupts when Flyntn and his sadistic henchmen steal a battleship from Earth. The fates of Earth and Myrohtrae hang in the balance as gryphons, dragons, wizards, werewolves, the goat-god Pan, his prankish, sexually rapacious and deadly cousin Pwcca, a cranky, well-armed guardian angel, and the magnificent triple-hulled flying ship Orpheus wage war with Flyntn in the skies over both worlds. Amidst intense episodes of erotic passion and ferocious violence, young Dzywllym must learn to vanquish his fears and focus his rage to save Quinn and exact revenge for his parents’ savage deaths.

And isn't that a great cover? Thanks once again to April Danaher for her great work!

Dzywllym and Quinn will be flying your way soon! Thanks for being patient; perfection takes time. :D

The Glasschanger's Child

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