Friday, August 13, 2010


So we've all seen this, right?

Um-hmm. So what do I think?

You wanna know?

You REALLY wanna know?

At least she sounds better than Charlotte Church, but you can tell she’s been trained to do this like a trick – she can sing that one aria (and maybe a couple of others) because she’s listened to recordings and is imitating them. How can you tell? She sang two notes and I said, “Renée Fleming.” SHE’S JUST IMITATING RENÉE FLEMING’S RECORDINGS!!! Right down to some of the little things about Renée that some critics don’t like. Even Charlotte Church had better knowledge of the mechanics of how to sing (even though she couldn’t do it very well). And our 10-yr-old divette (can’t be bothered to remember her name) is gonna tear up her vocal cords before she’s twenty if she keeps singing things like “O mio babbino caro.” Heck, HANS BUCHHIERL knew more about singing than this girl does (and he did it far better, too). So I am unimpressed. Lil’ Miss Divette will have her fifteen minutes and when she turns 13 they’ll tart her up like they did with Charlotte Church after someone finally told her, “Honey, you ain’t no feckin’ Callas!” And we’ll all forget about her by the time she’s twenty, unless she implodes like Lindsay Lohan. I hope Lil’ Miss Divette’s stage mother is happy. Grump. I’m gonna go put on a Renée CD!


P.S. Oh, Jackie darling, Renée Fleming called? She'd like her hair back.

Hans Buchhierl, best boy soprano ever. He could sing rings around Lil' Miss Divette. Freaking...RINGS!!!

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