Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Show, Sir!

"HOLY mother of HADES I have it! Ready? How about a big muscled LEOPARD MAN! Holding his rifle and roaaaaaaring off to one side….. YAWHAAT!?!? No I don’t want to see his leopard genitals! Put in him some futuristic combat armor, but no leggings.. his crotch is right there!!! God can only dream of how good this will be……"

OMG, this site is beautiful! Simply beautiful! Such dreadful covers! Why...someday I may finally get my own genre novel published only to see it given an atrocious cover like one of these! Maybe...*sigh!*...maybe even a cover originally created for another book! I love the description with this one, which I adore because I'm a furry and this one is done! I mean, what is that? It's got the head of a lynx and the body of...of a leopard in super-tight stretch pants?!?

Not since Animals With Lightsabers have I adored the Internet more. I dearly love thee, sweet Internet...


h/t Andrew Sullivan

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