Monday, April 19, 2010

"Gryphonwind" is up!

Hot off the press, my short story (well, novelette, really) "Gryphonwind" is now up at The Piker Press. The editor, Sand Pilarski, created a lovely illustration to go with the tale, which you must go see for yourself. "Gryphonwind" will be presented in four parts. Props to anyone from Cedar Cove who figures out what this tale is really about!

The story is currently on the front page of The Piker Press, and here's a hard link to "Gryphonwind" if you're looking for it after this week. I'll post links to the subsequent parts as updates to this post, so bookmark this post for future reference. Or better yet, just bookmark The Piker Press!

Thanks to Sand for believing in one of my favorite tales!


UPDATE: Now that "Gryphonwind" has been moved off the front page at The Piker Press, I changed the link above, and here are links to the separate parts of the story. Sand's illustration graces Parts 2, 3, & 4 of the story. Enjoy!

Gryphonwind Part 1
Gryphonwind Part 2
Gryphonwind Part 3
Gryphonwind Part 4


  1. Thanks, Bruce! You're the one who directed me to The Piker Press, and I really appreciate it.