Thursday, April 1, 2010

[Kitty] Litter and Be Gaaaaaaay...

Can Animals Be Gay?

Well? Can they?

The jury is still out, I suppose. It would help if we didn't have to deal with biologists like this:

Courtship behaviors between two animals of the same sex were persistently described in the literature as “mock” or “pseudo” courtship — or just “practice.” Homosexual sex between ostriches was interpreted by one scientist as “a nuisance” that “goes on and on.” One man, studying Mazarine Blue butterflies in Morocco in 1987, regretted having to report “the lurid details of declining moral standards and of horrific sexual offenses” which are “all too often packed” into national newspapers. And a bighorn-sheep biologist confessed in his memoir, “I still cringe at the memory of seeing old D-ram mount S-ram repeatedly.” To think, he wrote, “of those magnificent beasts as ‘queers’ — Oh, God!”

Interesting stuff that is sure to make a few bigoted heads explode. I mean, gay animals? On Easter Sunday? Illustrated with GAY BABY CHICKS AND BUNNIES?!? What's next, a Gay Penguin Pride March?



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