Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conformity Follies

And his hair isn't even that long! This stupid teacher should have seen me in high school!

This story will make you angry. A teacher in an Ohio school took it upon herself to tease a boy about his long hair in front of other students, with intimations of effeminacy and being gay. Good article here, another one with a TV news report here.

It's bad enough when the kids bully each other, but when the teachers get involved in the harassment, something's gone very wrong. Especially as this hits on some of my bugbears -- growing up gay; gender identity and gender roles; long hair; forced social conformity. Why do some people feel they have the responsibility and the RIGHT to run other peoples' lives? I hope the mother wins her lawsuit and the so-called "teacher" finds herself another career fast, one where she'll be unable to mess up the lives and minds of children.


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