Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Renée!

Because, on February 14, 1959, the Saturday afternoon Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast was Mozart's Don Giovanni, conducted by Karl Böhm.

Nice performance, BTW.

Because Don Giovanni is possibly the most devastating opera ever written. Don Juan ripped apart and given his comeuppance, even though we still, somehow, want him to kick the crap out of that stony ghost and keep on going.

Because, on that Saturday in 1959 -- February 14, for those keeping score -- a little girl was born in the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania.

And she was named Renée Fleming.

Because I just watched this tonight:

And it has been a long time since anything has wiped me out the way this did tonight.

When Renée sings "Non mi dir," I swear the heavens rip apart, and angels swarm around Donna Anna. While I turn into a puddle on the floor.

Anyhoo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Renée Fleming. We have a date at the Folly Theatre in Kansas City in October. I will be there!


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