Saturday, February 13, 2010

Elmore Leonard: Easy on the Hooptedoodle

Elmore Leonard (pictured) wrote a great little article called "Easy on the Hooptedoodle" back in 2001 for The New York Times. It's a quick summation of his advice on how to "remain invisible" when writing a book -- "to help me show rather than tell what's taking place in the story." There are some great tips here, and I try to follow them as much as possible. Of course, like all writing rules, sometimes you have to break them when you deem it necessary. But then, we'd never have anything to talk about, right?

Oh, if you haven't read Leonard's Freaky Deaky, you're missing a superb novel!

Read this article!!! Oops, there I go with the exclamation points again...


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